Space Medicine Association History Timeline:

Space Medicine Chronology

The history of space medicine and the history of the Space Medicine Association are both so closely integrated with the history of space exploration that they can not be discussed separately. Below is a time line integrating the various histories and yet allowing them to still be viewed separately as needed. The significant space medicine related publications from the journal of Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine (formerly the Journal of Aviation Medicine and the Journal of Aerospace Medicine) are included as down-linked files as well as previously published "Classics in Space Medicine" articles that discussed several of those papers and their historical significance. Links to photos, videos, and documents are also embedded.
The orbital launch manifest list for 1957-1961 is linked at the beginning of 1957. All launch attempts to orbit from 1957-1961 (whether successful or not) are listed in the timeline. Only more significant launch events are listed after 1961, although the complete orbital launch manifest list for 1957-2010 is also linked at the beginning of 1957. In addition, at the beginning of each year, starting in 1958, the orbital launch manifest list for that year is listed.

A summary of space exploration events leading up to Sputnik can be read at:
Intro Hale Lowell 1.pdf, pages 1-21.

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