Space Medicine Classics

Below are the twenty-three articles from the “Classics in Space Medicine” series as originally published in chronological order of the original article. The citation is followed by two files. The first file is the original article, the second file is the review article published in the journal from 2009-2011. The articles were chosen from over 250 artcles relevant to space medicine that were published in the journal prior to 1965.

Armstrong, H G, Haber, H, Strughold, H.
Aeromedical problems of space travel.

Armstrong (1.0 MiB)

Armstrong Classic (415.5 KiB)

Editorial Comment.
Space Medicine.
JAM    1950    21: 359-361.

Editorial Classic (426.1 KiB)

Editorial (55.2 KiB)

Haber, F, Haber, H. 
Possible methods of producing the gravity-free state for medical research.
JAM    1950    21: 395-400.

Parabolic (111.4 KiB)

Parabolic Classic (490.6 KiB)

Schaefer, H J.
Exposure hazards from cosmic radiation beyond the stratosphere and in free space.
JAM    1952    23: 334-344, 401.

Radiation (365.6 KiB)

Radiation Classic (539.5 KiB)

Henry, J P, Ballinger, E R, Maher, P J, Simons, D G.
Animal studies of the subgravity state during rocket flight.
JAM    1952    23: 421-432.

Suborbital (392.0 KiB)

Suborbital Classic (420.8 KiB)

Gerathewohl, S J.
Comparative studies on animals and human subjects in the gravity-free state.
JAM    1954    25: 412-419.

Gerathewohl (189.8 KiB)

Gerathewohl Classic (427.3 KiB)

Fenno, R M.
Man’s milieu in space.  A summary of the physiological requirements of man in a sealed cabin.
JAM    1954    25: 612-622.

Sealed Cabin (301.3 KiB)

Sealed Cabin Classic (448.3 KiB)

Thomas, H P, Edelberg, R, Henry, J P, Miller, J, Salzman, E W, Zuidema, G. D.
Human tolerance to multistage rocket acceleration curves.
JAM    1955    26: 390-398.

Acceleration (177.9 KiB)

Acceleration Classic (522.6 KiB)

Graybiel, A, Holmes, R H, Beischer, D E, Champlin, G E, Pedigo, G P, Hixson, W C, Wilbarger, T, Stulken, D E, Anderson, W S, Clark, R, Berrian, J B.
Account of experiments in which two monkeys were recovered unharmed after ballistic space flight.
JAM    1959    30: 871-931.

Able-Baker Classic (431.9 KiB)

Able-Baker I (1.2 MiB)

Able-Baker II (961.6 KiB)

Able-Baker III (749.1 KiB)

Able-Baker Intro (37.1 KiB)

Able-Baker IV (108.4 KiB)

Able-Baker V (70.3 KiB)

Hall, A L, Martin, R J.
Prolonged exposure in the Navy full pressure suit at “space equivalent” altitudes.
JAM    1960    31:116-122.

Space Suit 2 (211.6 KiB)

Space Suit Classic (516.5 KiB)

Vishniac W.
Extraterrestrial Microbiology.
JAM    1960    31:678-680.

Vishniac (106.5 KiB)

Vishniac Classic (425.7 KiB)

Grieder HR, Barton JR.
Criteria for Design of the Mercury Environmental Control System, Method of Operation and Results of Manned System Operation.
JAM    1961    32:839-843.

Mercury Capsule (147.4 KiB)

Mercury Capsule Classics (420.0 KiB)

Ruff, G E.
Psychological effects of space flight.
JAM    1961    32:639-642.

Psychology (82.0 KiB)

Psychology Classic (554.0 KiB)

Henry JP, Augerson WS, Belleville RE, Douglas WK, Grunzke MK, Johnston RS, Laughlin PC, Moseley JD, Rohles FG, Voas RB. White SC.
Effects of weightlessness in ballistic and orbital flight: A Progress Report.
JAM    1962    33:1056-1068.

Progress (412.1 KiB)

Progress Classic (493.0 KiB)

Graveline DE, McCally M.
Body fluid distribution: Implications for zero gravity.
JAM    1962    33:1281-1290.

Graveline (191.8 KiB)

Graveline Classic (492.0 KiB)

Lovelace WR, Schwichtenberg AH, Luft UC, Secrest RR.
Selection and maintenance program for astronauts for the national aeronautics and space administration.
JAM    1962    33:667-684.

Lovelace (428.5 KiB)

Lovelace Classic (426.1 KiB)

Mohler SR.
Aging and space travel.
JAM    1962    33:594-597.

Ageing (80.3 KiB)

Ageing Classic (416.6 KiB)

Douglas WK.
Preparation of the Astronaut.
Aerosp Med 1963; 34:232-5.

Preparation (97.7 KiB)

Preparation Classic (420.5 KiB)

Brannon EW, Rockwood CA, Potts P.
The influence of specific exercises in the prevention of debilitating musculoskeletal disorders; implication in physiological conditioning for prolonged weightlessness.
Aerosp Med 1963; 34: 900–6.

Exercise (506.1 KiB)

Exercise Classic (429.0 KiB)

White SC, Berry CA.
Resume of present knowledge of man’s ability to meet the space environment.
Aerosp Med 1964; 35: 43 – 8.

Resume (135.5 KiB)

Resume Classic (548.1 KiB)

Botan EA.
Examination of “ organized elements ” from the Orgueil meteorite by quantitative fluorescence microscopy.
Aerosp Med 1965; 36:1069 – 76.

Meteorite (771.0 KiB)

Meteorite Classic (516.9 KiB)

Simons JC, Walk DE, Sears CW.
Motion performance of pressure-suited subjects under zero and lunar gravity conditions.
Aerospace Med. 1965; 36(5):406 – 14.

Space Suit (366.3 KiB)

Space Suit Classic (516.5 KiB)

Graybiel A, Kennedy R, Knoblock E, Guedry F, Mertz W, McLeod M, Colehour J, Miller E, Fregly A.
Effects of Exposure to a Rotating Environment (10 RPM) on Four Aviators for a Period of Twelve Days.
Aerosp Med 1965; 36: 733-54.

SRR (813.9 KiB)

SRR Classic (427.7 KiB)

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