Commercial Space Flight Medical Care Documents

AST Response To COMSTAC May 2014 Recommendations (556.5 KiB)

Commercial Space Launch Act 27August2015 (222.1 KiB)

COE-Commercial Space Flight-2012 (384.6 KiB)

Guidance for Medical Screening of Commercial Aerospace Passengers (276.7 KiB)

Suborbital Commercial Spaceflight Crewmember Medical Issues (507.2 KiB)

Space Passenger NPRM 2005 (219.9 KiB)

Private Human Access To Space Published (3.5 MiB)

OWG May 2014 Report Out To Full COMSTAC (715.5 KiB)

IAASS Suborbital Safety Guidelines (816.6 KiB)

IAASS Space Safety Standard (370.1 KiB)

FAA SpacePassengerGuide 2003 Doc (101.3 KiB)

Private Human Access To Space Published (3.5 MiB)

AsMA Position Paper Space Tourist (103.7 KiB)

AsMA Position Paper Commercial Space 2009 (24.7 KiB)

AsMA Medical Standards Guide 2001 (84.2 KiB)

AsMA Medical Guideline For Space Passengers 2002 (94.3 KiB)

AsMA Letter Commercial Space 2006 (2.1 MiB)

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