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A position paper on Long Duration Space Exploration was drafted, unanimously approved by the Aerospace Medical Association Council, and published in the journal. This was done at the request of the Executive Director of the Aerospace Medical Association to increase the awareness of the AsMA membership of this rapidly developing project which is being followed with great interest and to formally represent the views of the Space Medicine Association and the Society of NASA Flight Surgeons.

Position Paper on Long Duration Space Flight (558.6 KiB)

A position paper concerning the critical need to restore funding for Life Sciences Research on the International Space Station was was drafted, approved unanimously by the Aerospace Medical Association Council, and published in the journal to be used as a policy document.

International Space Station Position Paper (499.1 KiB)

Space Medicine Bulletin Board
The Space Medicine Bulletin Board consists of contributions from individual members of the Space Medicine Association. The contributions consists of text documents, powerpoint presentations, photos and videos that can be downloaded. They are only loosely organized under the contributing member’s name. We would strongly encourage individual members to contribute from their personal files to this bulletin board.

To do so, contact Mark Campbell at

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