Annual Meeting Report

Annual Meeting Reports

Presidents Meeting Report 2012 (45.7 KiB)

Space Medicine Association
2012 Information

Dear Space Medicine Association members,
this email is meant to give you an overview of the current
healthy status of SMA.
As a reminder, you can always log into the SMA website
and use the login credentials for the members area: “Goddard” and “1951”
(the year that the Space Medicine Branch was founded).
This website is an excellent repository of information, including the impressive
“Space Medicine Chronology” created by Dr. Mark Campbell and expanding on
an annual basis. Besides information on organizational issues such as
Constitution/Bylaws, Executive Committee members, and the Membership
Directory, you can download Photos from the previous meetings and all of the
organizations Archives and historical records.
In the Public access area you can renew your membership dues by clicking on
“Membership” and using the PayPal drop down. Scholarship information and the
video presentation from the International Space Station by Dr. Mike Barratt can
also be accessed from this home page. Please visit the “Space Medicine
Chronolgy” area, which is a year by year description of the history of space
exploration and how it is interwoven with the history of space medicine. This
site is still under construction and currently is complete only to 1961. However,
the chronology is already over 100 pages long with over 1000 photos, 200
documents, 100 videos, and 250 articles from the aerospace medical journal –
all can be downloaded. Particularly inspiring are the videos that can be
downloaded found on March 9, 1955, “Disney’s Man in Space 8 of 8 – Conquest of
Space – In Orbit.mp4” and the tribute to Sergei Korolev found at October
26,1950, “Sergei Korolev.mp4”.
SMA is currently in excellent financial health with the following information in
our accounts as of 31 December 2011:
Savings 8024.91
Checking 5628.39
FCU Total 13,653.30
Furthermore, the SMA Endowment (a separate piece of the AsMA Foundation
Fund) as of 31 Dec 2011 was at $31,965.10 based on $30,000 contributions from

Space Medicine Association
2012 Information
Our current membership numbers as of 27 April 2012 include:
Membership Update 27 Apr 2012
Lifetime 37
Emeritus 12
Student 16
Honorary 2
Regular 118
On-leave 18
Deceased 5
New 0
To Verify 6
Total 214
Current MEMBERS 185
Delinquent Members (due since 2009) 36

We’d also like to draw your attention to the invited guest lecturer, Dr. Rupert
Gerzer – Director of the DLR Institute for Aerospace Medicine, at our upcoming
SMA Luncheon meeting in Atlanta on 17 May 2012 from 11:30am – 1:30pm in the
Crystal Ballroom at the Hilton Atlanta Hotel (Conference location). Dr. Gerzer’s
talk will be about, “:envihab – The new research facility for human spaceflight
and terrestrial applications at DLR, Cologne, Germany”.
In addition, SMA has sponsored the following panels that will all take place in
Salon D on Tuesday May 15 at the AsMA meeting. We highly encourage you to
attend and support these speakers as well as invite your colleagues to attend
and learn more about these topics.
08:30 – 10:00 – Legacy of Biomedical Research During Space Shuttle Program I
10:30 – 12:00 – Legacy of Biomedical Research During Space Shuttle Program II
14:00 – 15:30 – Legacy of Biomedical Research During Space Shuttle Program III
16:00 – 17:30 – European Space Medicine

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta at the meeting and please remember
to vote for your new SMA Officers for the coming year!
Best regards,
Volker Damann

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