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Anti Defamation League Press Release

Adl (261.2 KiB)

Denise Baisden Report to Executive Committee – 5/05

Dbrtoec (33.5 KiB)

Germany (20.0 KiB)

Department of the Air Force Letter

Doafl1 (503.1 KiB)

Doafl2 (176.3 KiB)

Luftwaffe Experiments

Experiments1 (1.4 MiB)

Experiments2 (411.8 KiB)

Nuremburg Trials

Ntrials1 (334.8 KiB)

Ntrials2 (374.9 KiB)

Ntrials3 (85.6 KiB)

Nuremburg Trials (67.0 KiB)

Online Encyclopedia – Hubertus Strughold

Scan0001 (82.2 KiB)

Scan0002 (137.0 KiB)

Scan0003 (178.5 KiB)

Russ Rayman Letter

RussRaymondLetter (494.9 KiB)

RussRaymondLetter2 (158.9 KiB)

RussRaymondLetter3 (182.4 KiB)

Stan Mohler Letter

StanMohlerLetter1 (519.1 KiB)

StanMohlerLetter2 (548.3 KiB)

StanMohlerLetter3 (314.6 KiB)

StanMohlerLetter4 (313.8 KiB)

Strughold Paper Submissions

Strughold Paper Acomplishments (87.0 KiB)

Strughold Paper Controversy (125.0 KiB)

Strughold  FIA Papers

MRC (27.9 MiB)

Strughold Links
Nazi Scientist

Science of Racism

Discarded Lies

Michael E. Kresa Article

Nuremburg Attachment 7

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments

Mind Control Experiments

Jews Protest Nazi Portrait Among Medical Heroes

Anti Defamation League Press Release


Operation Paperclip

Probert Encyclopaedia

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments

Probert Encyclopaedia – 2

Revelations of Secret Surveillance

Encyclopedia of Astrobiology

International Space Hall of Fame

Beginnings of Space Medicine

Today in Science History

Resource on the Nazi Doctors

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